The Project


In the industrial nations our way of life is more and more becoming a burden for  planet earth. At the production of food and consumer goods as well as at energy supply and our mobility, in every sector we consume far too many resources.

We pollute the oceans and fish them empty. We are changing the climate and threatening habitats worldwide. Those who are already among the poorest are most affected. From the South Pacific islanders, who are robbed of their land by rising sea levels, to the African fishermen whose nets remain empty because of industrial fishing fleets. From the coastal inhabitants who are flooded with plastic waste, to the people in the Caribbean, who are threatened by more and more hurricanes.


In Brandenburg, I have been engaged since 2009 as a member of the state parliament for a sustainable approach to our environment, but I will not be a candidate for the next legislative period.


Together with my wife Uta, I want to travel for three years by our sailing ship Daphne to the regions that suffer most from climate change and environmental degradation. With our tour we want to show the specific effects in the affected regions and give the people there a voice – beyond charts and statistics.


We will inform ourselves directly on-site about the various effects to the reality of people’s lives. For this, there will be meetings with scientists, politicians and those who are affected. We will document the results of these visits and publish them via various media in text, photo and video.

With this tour, we want to sensibilise politicians and business leaders as well as interested consumers to increase their awareness for a sustainable lifestyle.